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How Do I Clean My Atomizer?

Over time, atomizers may become dirty or clogged due to the flavorings added to E-Liquids accumulating inside of the atomizer as the liquids are vaporized. Some flavors may be more problematic in this area than others due to the varying ingredients in different flavors, but as a general rule of thumb darker color E-Liquids tend to dirty or clog atomizers more quickly than lighter color E-Liquids, though this is not always the case. As an atomizer becomes dirty or clogged, there are several tell-tale signs that let you know that your atomizer may need cleaning:

  • Vapor production has drastically reduced compared to when atomizer was new

  • Vapor production has stopped completely

  • It has become very hard or difficult to draw air through the device

  • There is a burnt/harsh taste when using the device

  • If any of the above occurs it is recommended that you clean the atomizer before using any further. By doing so, you may be able to extend the life of your atomizer and improve or restore performance.

There are many methods for cleaning, some more successful than others. “Blowing out” the atomizer is usually the first recommendation and can fix many issues on the fly. As mentioned above as a fix for a flooded atomizer, simply remove the atomizer from the battery and cartridge, place your lips on the cartridge end of the atomizer and blow firmly to push the excess liquid or gunk onto a paper towel from the threaded end. However, if this does not fix the problem try one of the following methods:  

Hot Water Rinse – This method works sometimes to fix minor problems 
Run under VERY hot water "Blow out” atomizer to remove excess water Set upright and allow to dry for 24 hours  

Soaking/Baths – Most recommended and common method, will fix many problems, but takes time.
Soak in water for at least 30-60 mins "Blow out” atomizer to remove excess water Soak in water a 2nd time for at least 2-3 hours "Blow out” atomizer to remove excess water Set upright and allow to dry for 24 hours